How to use the ToggleButton component (Starling version)

The ToggleButton class is a button that may be selected and deselected when triggered. Like a button, a toggle button's skin, label, and icon can all be customized for each state, including separate styles for when the toggle button is selected and deselected.

Screenshot of a Feathers ToggleButton component
ToggleButton components skinned with MetalWorksMobileTheme

The Basics

First, let's create a ToggleButton control, give it a label, and add it to the display list:

var toggle:ToggleButton = new ToggleButton();
toggle.label = "Click Me";
this.addChild( toggle );

A toggle button may be selected and deselected when it is triggered, or we can change the button's selection programatically by setting the isSelected property:

button.isSelected = true;

If we listen to the Event.CHANGE event, we can track whether the user has triggered the button to change the selection:

toggle.addEventListener( Event.CHANGE, toggle_changeHandler );

Check for the new value of isSelected in the listener:

function toggle_changeHandler( event:Event ):void
    var toggle:ToggleButton = ToggleButton( event.currentTarget );
    trace( "toggle.isSelected has changed:", toggle.isSelected );

Skinning a ToggleButton

A number of skins and styles may be customized on a toggle button, expanding on the options provided by buttons. For full details about what skin and style properties are available, see the ToggleButton API reference. We'll look at a few of the most common properties below.

Background skins, labels, and icons

In addition to the states provided by the Button class, the ToggleButton class supports some extra states that will be used when the button is selected.

The defaultSelectedSkin property works in a similar way to the defaultSkin property from the Button class. If the ToggleButton is selected, and a skin isn't provided for the current state, the defaultSelectedSkin will be used.

The same setSkinForState() may set skins for the selected states of a ToggleButton. In addition to the states available to a regular Button, the following states may be referenced for a ToggleButton:

Likewise, a ToggleButton provides the defaultSelectedIcon property for styling the icon when selected. The setIconForState() method may also use the extra states defined above, like ButtonState.UP_AND_SELECTED and ButtonState.DOWN_AND_SELECTED.