Official sample projects built with Feathers UI, OpenFL, and the Haxe programming language.

Application Samples

Full sample application projects built using Feathers UI.


A sample calculator application.

HN Reader

A sample application that demonstrates the RouterNavigator component by displaying Hacker News feeds.


A sample application that recreates the iconic TodoMVC project.

Feature Samples

Demonstrations of specific features offered by Feathers UI components.

Animated Tween Skin

Create a custom skin for a button that includes an animated effect.

Collection Sorting

Sort the items in a collection rendered by the Feathers UI ListView component.

Components Explorer

A listing of all of the UI components available in Feathers UI.

Custom Programmatic Skin

Use code to draw a custom background skin.

Custom Programmatic Skin with States

Create a custom button skin that changes appearance when the mouse is over or down.

Custom Theme

An example of how to create a custom theme that gives custom styles to Feathers UI components.

Dark Mode

Easily switch between light and dark mode with the default theme.

Hello world

Every project needs a "Hello World" to get you started!

Login Form

Creates a simple login form with the Feathers UI TextInput component.

NumericStepper Button Layouts

All of the different ways the buttons may be positioned inside a NumericStepper component.

Percentage Sizing

Demonstrates how layouts support sizing UI component based on a percentage of their parent's size.

RouterNavigator Data Passing

When navigating between views in a RouterNavigator component, data may be passed from view to view.

StackNavigator Data Passing

When navigating between views in a StackNavigator component, data may be passed forward or back.

Additional Samples

The following sample projects have been shared by the Feathers UI developer community.