Check out some beautiful apps, games, and other creative projects that talented developers and designers have created using the open source Feathers UI framework.

VIP Solutions

With this platform for managing interactive touchscreen kiosks, institutions can publicly highlight individual contributors — such as donors, hall-of-famers, and alumni. Its smooth animations are powered by Feathers UI and OpenFL.

NCIS: Hidden Crimes

Feathers UI and Starling power NCIS: Hidden Crimes, an episodic adventure where you search for clues, reveal the suspects, and make the arrest. Published by Ubisoft.

Wake-Up Memovox

Who wouldn't like to wake up to the pure sound of a Master Memovox, the first automatic alarm watch? Luxury watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre brings the Memovox to life with Feathers UI and Starling.

Battleborn Tap

Command your squad of heroes on the field of battle in this game powered by Starling Framework and Feathers UI. Published by 2K Games.

Drum Pad Beats

Drum Pad Beats is a fun beat/composer – scene/remixer to capture those ideas when that flash of inspiration hits while away from the studio. Built with Starling and Feathers UI.

Snailboy: An Epic Adventure

Snailboy is a physics based puzzle game, built with Starling and Feathers UI, that combines rich graphics, killer sounds and over 40 levels of gameplay.

American Cornhole Association

Create your own cornhole tournaments for parties, reunions, benefits, and other gatherings with this app created by Red Minnow Interactive, and powered by Feathers UI and Starling.


Preferans, the popular Eastern European card game, running smoothly on Feathers UI — with a highly polished Material theme!

Aether Story

Fight against the darkness as you explore the pixel world of Aether Story, a multi-player co-operative adventure built using Feathers UI.

Street Art Project

In a matter of weeks, the Less Rain team created an augmented reality app with Feathers UI and Starling to enable members of the Behance community to showcase and share their artwork as "street art" — on top of real-world locations.

Estee Lauder itCOLORS

A Spanish language app built with Starling and Feathers UI that analyzes photos to detect makeup colors and offer product recommendations.


Explore the original Geophysic watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre, its modern reinterpretation, the geophysical year in 1958, and the USS Nautilus mission in this elegant app created with Feathers UI.

Fantasy Rivals

Collect heroes, build your army, and accomplish quests in this virtual trading card game. Use strategy to defeat opponents in live battles to become the greatest warrior of all time. Built with Starling and Feathers UI.

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

Spell words to fight your way through 40 stages in this addictive word game powered by Starling and Feathers UI.

Schumacher Gallery

Created by Red Minnow Interactive, this Starling and Feathers UI mobile app highlights the gallery's collections of artwork — with audio tours, detailed images, author bios, and behind-the-scenes info.

Key Cards GCSE Maths

Memorise everything you need to get the edge in GCSE Maths with Key Cards, powered by Feathers UI.

Spell Cubes

Spell Cubes is the toddlers first playful meeting with the phonetic alphabet and the preschoolers place to experience a fun way to learn to spell new words.

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