How to use the WebView component (Starling version)

The WebView class displays a native web browser control. The web browser is displayed in an overlay above Starling using, but Feathers wraps StageWebView in a way that allows this component to be positioned using local coordinates on any parent.

The WebView component cannot be used in the Adobe Flash Player plugin in a web browser. It is only available in Adobe AIR applications on mobile or desktop.

The Basics

First, let's create a WebView control, resize it, and add it to the display list:

var browser:WebView = new WebView();
browser.width = 400;
browser.height = 300;;
this.addChild( browser );

To load a URL, simply call the loadURL() function:

browser.loadURL( "" );

If you prefer to display locally-generated HTML, call the loadString() function instead:

browser.loadString( "<!doctype html><html><body><h1>Hello World</h1></body></html>" );