Building the Feathers SWC binary from source code (Starling version)

Whether you're using the latest unstable version of Feathers or you've made changes to the core Feathers library, you may want to build the Feathers SWC locally.


Build Instructions

The main build script is build.xml, located in the root of the source tree. This file is only available if you download the full project source code for Feathers on Github. The build script is not included in the ZIP file that is downloadable from the Feathers website.

Two other files in the same directory, and, set up the environment for the build script. If you need to override any properties from these files, you can create new files named and The build script will automatically detect if these files are present and use their values instead of the defaults.

  1. Create a file named in the same directory as build.xml. Inside, override the airsdk.root property to point to the location of your local AIR SDK with ASC 2.0:
airsdk.root = C:/Development/AIR_SDK

Use the path on your local computer rather than the one above. The path above is for a location on Windows, but paths on Macs are supported too. Make sure that you use forward slashes, regardless of which platform you're on.

  1. creates a property named starling.root that points to third-party/starling. From the Starling Framework, copy the contents of starling/src into this directory.

Alternatively, you may create a file and override the value of starling.root.

  1. Open a command prompt in the directory where build.xml is located.

  2. Run the command ant swc.

  3. feathers.swc will be compiled and placed in an directory named output.

Most likely, you will only need the swc target, which simply builds the SWC and does nothing else. There are several targets available that you may find useful.

  • swc compiles the Feathers SWC.

  • api generates the Feathers API documentation.

  • help generates the Feathers Help files from Markdown.

  • test runs the Feathers unit tests.

  • full compiles the SWC, generates the API documentation, and copies all of the supporting files into the output directory to create a full release build of Feathers.

  • package creates a full release build of Feathers, and then it packages everything into a ZIP file.