Download Feathers UI

Links to all available versions of Feathers UI, including the latest stable version, beta development builds, and old versions too.

Feathers UI 3.5.0

This is the newest stable version of the open source Feathers user interface components for Starling Framework. Most people will want to download this version of Feathers.

Feathers UI 4.0.0-beta

This is a beta version of Feathers. It includes a number of new features and many bug fixes since the previous stable release. However, it may also still be a bit unstable in places. See the included release notes for full details about what's new in this version.

Requires Starling Framework 2.4.

Download Feathers 4.0.0-beta

Feathers UI from Github

Looking for a preview of the next version of Feathers UI that isn't quite stable yet? If you're willing to deal with features that are still in development, may change at any time, may not have been tested much, and may be a little buggy, visit the Feathers Github project page and download the master branch.

When downloading an unstable version of Feathers from Github, you will often need to download Starling Framework from Github as well, instead of the stable version. Check the included file to verify the version of Starling Framework that is required.

View Feathers UI on Github