Use Feathers UI with ActionScript 3.0

While Feathers UI is written in the Haxe programming language and targets OpenFL, it can be used with ActionScript 3.0 instead, if you prefer. This allows Feathers UI to be integrated with AS3 projects that target Adobe AIR.


Visit the Feathers UI releases page on GitHub, and look for the .swc file attached to the version of Feathers UI that you want to use. The file name should be in the format feathersui-openfl-x.y.z.swc where x.y.z is replaced by the version number, such as 1.2.0.

You can add this .swc file to the compiler's library path, and the Feathers UI classes will be available in your project.

If using the command line compiler, you'd use the --library-path compiler option:

mxmlc --library-path+=libs/feathersui-openfl-x.y.z.swc src/

In the various IDEs that support AS3, you can typically add .swc libraries somewhere in your project or module settings.

Before using any Feathers UI classes, and ideally as soon as possible after your app initializes, run the following code:


An ideal place would be in the constructor of your main class. Some things may not work properly if you forget to add this line to your AS3 project.