Create a Feathers UI project in Moonshine IDE

Moonshine IDE provides a built-in Feathers UI project template.


Create a project

  1. From the File menu, go to New, and then choose Haxe Feathers UI Project.
  2. Give your project a Name and choose a Parent Directory to save it on your computer.
  3. Click the Create button to create your project.

Moonshine will automatically install all Haxelib dependencies in the project.xml file, if they are not already available. This includes both feathersui and openfl. Installation may take several minutes, and progress will be reported in Moonshine's console.

Run the project

  1. From the Debug menu, choose Build and Debug.
  2. The project should launch in your default web browser.


How to fix some issues that you may encounter.

Warning: Haxe language code intelligence disabled. To enable, update Node.js location in application settings.

This error indicates that Node.js is not configured in Moonshine. Node.js is required to run the Haxe language server that provides code intelligence for .hx files.

  1. Install Node.js, if you haven't already.
  2. From the File menu, choose Settings.
  3. Go to the JavaScript section.
  4. Under Node.js Home choose Change and select the folder where Node.js is installed.

On Windows, the default Node.js install location is c:\Program Files\nodejs.

On macOS, the default Node.js install location is /usr/local/bin.

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