Install Feathers UI prerelease from Github

⚠️ Be careful! The newest Feathers UI source code from Github is more likely to contain bugs and incomplete features. It is not recommended for production use.

➡️ Most people should probably install the newest official build from Haxelib.

Feathers UI developers who want to live on the cutting edge may install the library directly from its Github repository. Installing from Github provides access to new components and features that may not have been released on Haxelib yet, but it also has a higher risk of bugs in code that hasn't been thoroughly tested yet.



To install Feathers UI from Github, use the haxelib git command.

haxelib git feathersui

This command will automatically install any required dependencies, including OpenFL. If this is the first time OpenFL has been installed on your computer, you should also run its setup command.

haxelib run openfl setup


When installed from Github, the haxelib update command works too. It will pull the newest commits.

haxelib update feathersui


Every commit to Github automatically updates the Unstable API reference.