Create a Feathers UI project in a Terminal / Command Line

Create Feathers UI projects with Haxe and OpenFL in a terminal / CLI, and learn the commands needed to build your project, or run it with different targets.


Create a project

Open a terminal, and run the following command:

haxelib run feathersui new-project HelloWorld

The newly created project will include the following defaults:

Run the project

In your terminal, run the following command to launch your project in your default web browser:

openfl test html5 -debug

You may open the browser's developer tools to access its debugging capabilities.

Build the project

You can build a project without launching it in a debugger.

In your terminal, run the following command to build your project using OpenFL's html5 target:

openfl build html5

The compiled project output may be found inside the bin folder. For example, the html5 target compiles to the bin/html5/bin folder.


How to fix some issues that you may encounter.

Error: Could not find haxelib [library name], does it need to be installed?

This error indicates that one or more of your project's dependencies is not installed. In a terminal, run the haxelib install command with the name of the missing library. For example, run the following command to install Actuate.

haxelib install actuate

Error: Failed to create project. New project folder is not empty.

This error indicates that the new-project CLI command was run in a folder that contains one or more files. If the folder appears empty, it may contain hidden files.

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