Feathers UI Roadmap

What big new features are currently planned for the next release of Feathers UI? Find out here!

Please consider all details below subject to change. Things may get bumped to future releases, or dropped entirely. Additionally, this should not be considered a complete list of what will be included, but more of a high level overview. Bug fixes and minor features may be omitted for brevity.

To learn what's new in the current Feathers UI stable release, including changes in all previous releases, see the feathersui-openfl CHANGELOG.md on GitHub.

1.3.0 (2024)

  • Adding a new dispose() method to FeathersControl. May be used to clean up sub-components, data providers, and other resources. Calling it is completely optional, but it can be helpful to ensure efficient garbage collection.
  • Adding a new DragDropManager to support drag-and-drop with both mouse and touch.
  • Adding new properties to data containers like ListView and GridView to allow item renderers to be dragged and dropped (both within the same container, and between different containers).
  • Adding a new IDragDropLayout interface to create layouts that support drag-and-drop.
  • Adding a new Collapsible component with a header and content below. Clicking or tapping the header will toggle the visibility of the content.
  • Data providers for containers like ListView will be allowed to contain simple String values, while they required either class instances or anonymous structures before. Developers will need to be careful to avoid duplicate strings!
  • Adding new optional increment and decrement buttons to HScrollBar and VScrollBar.
  • Adding a new bringToFront() method on PopUpManager to change a pop-up's depth to the top.
  • Adding new indeterminate and indeterminateFillSkin properties to HProgressBar and VProgressBar.
  • Adding a new readjustLayout() property to force a layout update on LayoutGroup and ScrollContainer.
  • Adding new onText and offText properties to ToggleSwitch to optionally display text on each side.
  • Adding an optional new corner skin to bottom right of scrolling containers, when both scroll bars are visible.
  • Adding an optional new corner skin to the top right of GridView and TreeGridView between the headers and the vertical scroll bar.
  • The default theme will auto-size components a bit smaller for desktop computers, instead of sharing the same larger sizing on both mobile and desktop.


The items below are being considered for future releases. There is no timeline on when they may be started or completed.

  • Declarative XML components, similar to MXML in Adobe Flex or XAML in .NET.
  • A drag-and-drop GUI builder.
  • A web store that sells premium UI components that are a bit more advanced and specialized than what is included in the free, open source framework.
  • A themes gallery.