Feathers UI for OpenFL and Haxe

What is Feathers UI?

Feathers UI is an open source, cross-platform library of user interface components for creative, frontend projects. It is especially well-suited for rich, multimedia experiences — including games and interactive data visualizations.

Mockup of Feathers UI components running on a tablet and a phone

On April 2, 2019, Josh Tynjala (the creator of Feathers UI) announced a new version of the framework, built using the Haxe programming language and the cross-platform OpenFL library. The project launched on Kickstarter on June 25, 2019 — eventually surpassing its funding goal with the help of a truly amazing community of developers.

Can I try out the new Haxe/OpenFL version today?

Absolutely! Check out the getting started instructions for more details.


Haxe Summit Presentation

On May 10, 2019, Josh Tynjala gave a presentation about Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL at Haxe Summit 2019 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Josh Tynjala speaking about Feathers UI at Haxe Summit USA 2019 in Seattle, Washington

Watch the presentation recording on the Haxe website (or check out the slides) for a quick intro to Feathers UI, some insights into how Haxe improves the Feathers codebase, and a live demo showing some Feathers UI components running with OpenFL in the browser.

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