Video: How to Install Feathers UI



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We're going to install Feathers UI. With Haxe already installed, let's get going.

Start by using Haxelib to download Feathers UI. In a terminal, run:

haxelib install feathersui

This installs the library and all of its dependencies. It may take a few minutes to complete.

Next, we need to complete the setup of OpenFL by running:

haxelib run openfl setup

This will install some additional dependencies required for OpenFL development.

If it asks to install the openfl command, we'll say yes.

On some systems, we may need to enter an administrator password for this step.

Now, the installation of Feathers UI is complete.

To confirm, we'll see if the command line interface is available by running:

haxelib run feathersui

This should print a list of available commands.

Next, check the openfl command.


Okay, great! We're ready to create our first Feathers UI project.

Next Steps

Now that Feathers UI and its dependencies are installed, you can create a project in your favorite editor.