Feathers UI Screencasts

How do I build cross-platform user interfaces with the Feathers UI framework? Is it easy to set up a development environment? How do I compile for different platforms? What about styling & themes? When should I use the different layout options? Where can I learn about more advanced topics — like creating custom UI components from scratch?

The Feathers UI Screencasts are a collection of short, densely-packed video tutorials that teach you to be a framework expert — with zero fluff.

  • See actual commands running in a terminal.
  • Watch as code gets written in real-time using a popular editor.
  • Know what to expect when code is compiled & launched.

Each bite-sized video is five minutes or less — because your time shouldn't be wasted. Every lesson is filled with tons of actionable knowledge — to give you a solid foundation for success as a Feathers UI developer.

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