Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL — Coming Soon!
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Stop getting bogged down in ActionScript boilerplate.

Build application layouts using MXML and Feathers UI components.

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Layouts in XML

No need to hunt down the right addChild() call anymore. Like HTML, MXML let's you see which container a component has been added to with an intuitive visual hierarchy.

Bring your favorite IDE

The compilers in the Feathers SDK are compatible with popular ActionScript and MXML development environments, including Flash Builder and IntelliJ IDEA.

Free & Open Source

The Feathers SDK is available under the terms of the Apache License, version 2. Feel free to use the Feathers SDK in both commercial and open source projects. Read and modify the Feathers and Starling source code yourself.

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Feathers UI Components

The Feathers SDK builds on the ActionScript Feathers UI components. A robust skinning system enables your creativity, fluid layouts make it easy to deploy to a variety of screens, and support for both touch and mouse interaction brings your apps to mobile and desktop.

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Photo of Olaf Wempe

I really like how both Starling and Feathers have proven to be great platforms for non-gaming applications. If you can do games, you can do anything! My client was really impressed with the multi-platform performance, so it wasn't hard to convince them to use these libraries.

Olaf Wempe, owner at 0l4f.com

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Photo of Elefantz

I started a professional tablet application based on Starling and Feathers, and these libraries save me a lot of time and pain in the development process. The app runs very smoothly on all platforms, including Android tablets, iPad, and Windows 8 Pro tablets. That's simply awesome.


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Download the Feathers SDK

Ready to take advantage of MXML layouts and data binding in your Feathers apps? Download the Feathers SDK.

Download the Feathers SDK