Feathers SDK Features (Starling version)

The Feathers SDK offers everything you need to build Feathers applications using MXML and ActionScript 3, including compilers and user interface components, in one open source package.



The following examples demonstrate a few key features in MXML:

  • Add children and describe layouts with intuitive XML nesting.

  • Set properties and listen to events as XML attributes.

    <f:Slider minimum="0" maximum="100" change="slider_changeHandler(event)"/>
  • Reference MXML components in embedded ActionScript by giving them an ID.

    <f:Slider id="slider" change="slider_changeHandler(event)"/>
    	private function slider_changeHandler(event:Event):void
    		trace("slider value changed! " + this.slider.value);
  • Bind components to properties with simple curly brace syntax.

    <f:Slider id="slider"/>
    <f:Label text="{slider.value}"/>

For more MXML features, see The complete guide to MXML in the Feathers SDK: