How to disable some item renderers in a Feathers List component (Starling version)

In your data provider, add a new property to the items that will indicate whether the item renderer should be enabled or not. In this example, we call it enabled, but you can choose any name:

list.dataProvider = new ArrayCollection(
	{ text: "Some Item", enabled: true },
	{ text: "Another One", enabled: false },

In your itemRendererFactory, set the itemHasEnabled property of the item renderer to true. Then, pass the name of the new property to the enabledField property:

list.itemRendererFactory = function():IListItemRenderer
	var itemRenderer:DefaultListItemRenderer = new DefaultListItemRenderer();
	itemRenderer.labelField = "text";

	itemRenderer.itemHasEnabled = true;
	itemRenderer.enabledField = "enabled";

	return itemRenderer;

To update whether an item renderer is enabled or not after the List has been created, change the property in the data provider:

var item:Object = list.dataProvider.getItemAt(4);
item.enabled = false;

Then, call updateItemAt() with the item's index to update the item renderer with the new data: