How to stop a Callout from closing automatically after touch or keyboard input (Starling version)

Normally, a Callout component will close itself when the user touches anywhere else on stage or when they press the back button on Android or the Esc key on desktop. You may modify this default behavior so that the Callout may only be closed programatically, if needed.

Let's start by creating a Callout. In this case, we probably want to ensure that it isn't modal, so that touches can reach components below the Callout. That's why we pass the false at the end.

var callout:Callout = content, origin, Callout.DIRECTION_ANY, false );

Now, let's ensure that the Callout doesn't close when touching anywhere else:

callout.closeOnTouchBeganOutside = false;
callout.closeOnTouchEndedOutside = false;

We simply set the closeOnTouchBeganOutside and closeOnTouchEndedOutside properties to false.

Next, let's make sure that the keyboard cannot close the Callout either:

callout.closeOnKeys = null;

The closeOnKeys property is normally a Vector.<int>, but we can set it to null to say that no keys can close the Callout.