Support Feathers UI on Github Sponsors

From time to time, people ask how they can send a little thank you donation to the Feathers UI open source project. Feathers UI is a cross-platform GUI framework for building mobile, desktop, and web apps (native and GPU-accelerated).

Starting today, the best way to help out is to sponsor Josh Tynjala on Github. Not only will you help fund Feathers UI development, but you'll also get some perks in exchange. Depending on your budget, you could get special forum avatar badges, priority support, your logo on, and more. Whether you're an indie developer or a big company, there are various levels of sponsorship for everyone. Check it out!

Additionally, Josh Tynjala is eligible for the Github Sponsors Matching Fund, which means that for every dollar you send, Github will double it. So if you sign up for $10 monthly, Josh will get $20. Not bad, right?

Thank you so much for your generous support, and of course, for continuing to build your projects using Feathers UI. This community is truly inspiring.

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