PureMVC demos for Feathers UI and OpenFL

PureMVC is an architectural framework built using Model-View-Controller and other software design patterns — and you can use it with most popular programming languages (including Haxe, of course). A team of application developers can use PureMVC to better organize their code, separate concerns, and improve their project's scaleabilty and maintainability.

A Haxe version of PureMVC has been around for many years already, so I didn't need to port it myself, like I did recently with the Cairngorm MVC framework. With that in mind, I instead focused on creating several example projects that demonstrate how to use PureMVC specifically with Feathers UI and OpenFL.

This is just one of many projects/repositories that I'm releasing as part of the Feathers UI v1.0 release week celebration.

The repository currently contains four demos:

  • App Skeleton demonstrates a startup process for a PureMVC-based application that displays a splash screen with a progress bar that loads several resources.
  • Cafe Townsend recreates the Cafe Townsend sample from the Cairngorm MVC framework to allow developers to more easily compare PureMVC to Cairngorm.
  • TodoMVC demonstrates how to create the classic TodoMVC project.
  • Hello OpenFL demonstrates how to use PureMVC with OpenFL alone (no Feathers UI).

Install PureMVC

PureMVC may be installed using the haxelib install command in your terminal. The following command installs the "standard" version.

haxelib install puremvc-standard


The PureMVC API Reference includes descriptions of all APIs available in PureMVC.

Questions or comments?

If you need some help implementing PureMVC with Feathers UI or OpenFL, feel free to create a thread in either the Feathers UI Community forum or the OpenFL Community forum.