Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL

Feathers community,

In the next couple of months, I will officially launch a crowdfunding campaign for an all new version of Feathers UI — rebuilt on Haxe and OpenFL. If I already have your interest, sign up right now and you'll be among the first to hear when I launch.

Feathers UI is an open source library of user interface components for creative projects — like games, interactive visualizations, and other rich experiences. With Feathers, you can target a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets and desktop computers... whether your work will be on the web or available from app stores. Combine hardware-accelerated graphics performance with maximum design flexibility to help your users explore new virtual worlds, discover unexpected insights when they see their data in new ways, and immerse themselves in interactive multimedia.

With OpenFL and Haxe as a new foundation, developers that are already experienced with Feathers will find themselves in an environment that is both familiar and filled with many cool, new toys. The Haxe language couldn't be easier for ActionScript developers to learn, and it also includes powerful, new features like generics, pattern matching, and macros. There's also a robust ecosystem of tools and libraries, including the Haxelib package manager. With OpenFL, not only can developers deploy to Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, but they also gain access to Linux, web browsers (without any plugins!), and game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Without the community that embraced Feathers to build some truly incredible apps and games, this project never would have succeeded. I want to make sure that developers continue to have the same kind of powerful (and fun) development platform going forward. OpenFL and Haxe are existing pieces of that puzzle, and I know that adding Feathers will reveal even more of the picture.

As you can imagine, running a crowdfunding campaign requires some serious planning and preparation. Sign up for updates, and you'll get the announcement in your inbox as soon as you can contribute to the future of Feathers UI. Thank you, community. You're an inspiration, and I'm excited to keep building Feathers and to help you realize your creative visions.

Josh Tynjala
Feathers UI