feathers.controlsUser interface controls and containers. 
 feathers.controls.popupsManagers for the display of pop-up sub-components. 
 feathers.controls.renderersData renderers for list controls. 
 feathers.controls.supportClassesSupporting classes and interfaces used by Feathers user interface components. 
 feathers.controls.textText rendering sub-components. 
 feathers.coreBase classes and interfaces used by Feathers. 
 feathers.dataCollections used by Feathers to display data. 
 feathers.displayA variety of custom Starling display objects. 
 feathers.dragDropClasses related to drag and drop operations. 
 feathers.eventsContains classes to related to Feathers events. 
 feathers.layoutA variety of layout algorithms used to customize Feathers controls and containers. 
 feathers.mediaUser interface controls for media playback. 
 feathers.motionClasses related to motion, tweens, and animation. 
 feathers.motion.effectClassesSupporting classes and interfaces used by effects. 
 feathers.skinsClasses related to skinning and themes in Feathers. 
 feathers.systemHigher level queries for system-level capabilities. 
 feathers.textContains classes for working with text. 
 feathers.themesClasses related to theming and styling components. 
 feathers.utilsUtility classes and function. 
 feathers.utils.displayUtilities for working with display objects. 
 feathers.utils.focusUtilities for focus management. 
 feathers.utils.geomUtilities for working with geometrical calculations. 
 feathers.utils.keyboardUtilities for working with the keyboard. 
 feathers.utils.mathUtilities for common mathematical calculations. 
 feathers.utils.skinsUtilities for skinning. 
 feathers.utils.textUtilities for text components. 
 feathers.utils.texturesUtilities for working with textures. 
 feathers.utils.touchUtilities for working with touches. 
 feathers.utils.xmlUtilities for working with XML and E4X.