IAdvancedNativeFocusOwner If a display object implements INativeFocusOwner and its nativeFocus property does not return a flash.display.InteractiveObject (or null), it must implement this interface so that the focus manager can tell it when to give focus to its native focus object.
 IFeathersControl Basic interface for Feathers UI controls.
 IFeathersDisplayObject Public properties and functions from starling.display.DisplayObject in helpful interface form.
 IFeathersEventDispatcher Public properties and functions from in helpful interface form.
 IFocusContainer A component that can receive focus with children that can receive focus.
 IFocusDisplayObject A component that can receive focus if a focus manager is enabled.
 IFocusExtras A container that may have extra children that aren't accessible from the standard display list functions like getChildAt(), but those "extra" children may still need to receive focus.
 IFocusManager Interface for focus management.
 IGroupedToggle A toggle associated with a specific group.
 IMeasureDisplayObject A display object with extra measurement properties.
 IMultilineTextEditor Handles the editing of text, and supports multiline editing.
 INativeFocusOwner If a Feathers component may receive focus, it may be associated with a display object on the native stage.
 IPopUpManager Interface for pop-up management.
 IStateContext An object with multiple states.
 IStateObserver Watches an IStateContext for state changes.
 ITextBaselineControl A UI control with text that has a baseline.
 ITextEditor Handles the editing of text.
 ITextRenderer Interface that handles common capabilities of rendering text.
 IToggle An interface for something that may be selected.
 IToolTip An interface for tool tips created by the tool tip manager.
 IToolTipManager Interface for tool tip management.
 IValidating A display object that supports validation.
 BaseTextEditor A base class for text editors that implements some common properties.
 DefaultFocusManager The default IFocusManager implementation.
 DefaultPopUpManager The default IPopUpManager implementation.
 DefaultToolTipManager The default IToolTipManager implementation.
 FeathersControl Base class for all UI controls.
 FocusManager Manages touch and keyboard focus.
 PopUpManager Adds a display object as a pop-up above all content.
 PropertyProxy Detects when its own properties have changed and dispatches an event to notify listeners.
 ToggleGroup Controls the selection of two or more IToggle instances where only one may be selected at a time.
 TokenList A list of space-delimited tokens.
 ToolTipManager Manages tool tips.