IPersistentPopUpContentManager An IPopUpContentManager that wraps its content in a custom UI that should keep the content open until closed by the user.
 IPopUpContentManager Automatically manages pop-up content layout and positioning.
 IPopUpContentManagerWithPrompt A custom IPopUpContentManager that has a prompt that may be customized by the parent component.
 BottomDrawerPopUpContentManager Displays pop-up content as a mobile-style drawer that opens from the bottom of the stage.
 CalloutPopUpContentManager Displays pop-up content (such as the List in a PickerList) in a Callout.
 DropDownPopUpContentManager Displays pop-up content as a desktop-style drop-down.
 VerticalCenteredPopUpContentManager Displays a pop-up at the center of the stage, filling the vertical space.