Feathers Showcase Archive

Remembering a variety of classic projects built with Feathers and Starling.

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Screenshot of Open House Melbourne app

Open House Melbourne

Explore the architecture and history of Melbourne with this Feathers-powered mobile app for iOS and Android.

Screenshot of Lil Drum Machine

Lil Drum Machine

Experiment with different drum kits and effects to create your own unique beats. Export them to WAV, OGG, MIDI or Caustic. Built with the Feathers SDK.

Screenshot of Missiles Kaboom game

Missiles Kaboom

Steer the plane and avoid or kill the missiles to survive in this game created with Starling and Feathers.

Screenshot of Bathplanner PRO app

Bathplanner PRO

Design and plan a new bathroom. Uses a variety of Feathers controls to build a stylish drag and drop editor.

Screenshot of Tiny Climb Racing game

Tiny Climb Racing

Choose your favorite car and race to win! Tiny Climb Racing is powered by Starling featuring a UI built with Feathers.

Screenshot of Isolade game


Isolade is a fast-paced blend of action and strategy running on Starling and Feathers, inside an electrifying nanoworld of chemical elements.

Screenshot of World War II: TCG game

World War II: TCG

Gather an army and take part in the most epic battles and military campaigns of World War II in this trading card game powered by Starling and Feathers.

Screenshot of Total Body Fitness by Prime Mover app

Total Body Fitness by Prime Mover

Let this Feathers-powered video fitness app guide your workouts and track your progress.

Screenshot of Appsfordable Appstimator

Appsfordable Appstimator

Get a real time estimate for the cost of your new mobile app using the Appsfordable Appstimator, built with Feathers.

Screenshot of Joolz app


Browse stunning jewelry collections from India with easy swipe gestures, curated by Joolz. Built with Starling and Feathers.

Screenshot of Golf Caddy Pro app

Golf Caddy Pro

Improve your golf game with Golf Caddy Pro, this Feathers-powered app that includes features like offline satellite maps, rangefinder, and strokesaver.

Screenshot of The Monster Match app

The Monster Match

Mix, match and discover monstrous, eerie, wacky and funny combinations of characters inside this app built with Starling and Feathers.

Screenshot of Paper Critters app

Paper Critters

Feathers powers this fun arts and crafts app that lets you design your own "paper critter".

Screenshot of Teleport app


An attractive custom skin helps bring Feathers to life in Teleport, a content sharing app.

Screenshot of DeezCovr app


Got a favorite artist? DeezCovr knows similar bands that you'll love. Feathers looks great with a stylish custom-designed skin.

Screenshot of Dr. Woo's Twisted Clone Shop game

Dr. Woo's Twisted Clone Shop

Work your way through over a dozen genetic experiments (but watch out for mutations!) in this puzzle game created with Starling and Feathers.

Screenshot of Atypic Photo Editor app

Atypic Photo Editor

With this playful image editor, add filters and special effects simply by drawing on the screen with your finger. Powered by Starling and Feathers.

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