How to save the state of a screen in a ScreenNavigator and restore it later (Starling version)

Many times, when a user navigates away from a screen, they may return to the same screen in the future. In these cases, it is often desirable to restore the state of the screen as it was when the user navigated away. For instance, you might restore the scroll position of a list that appears on the screen.

ScreenNavigatorItem offers a simple system for setting properties on a screen when it is created. We can take advantage of this feature to store additional properties. In the following code, we store the vertical scroll position of a list in a property named savedVerticalScrollPosition:

var screenItem:ScreenNavigatorItem = this.owner.getScreen(this.screenID); = this._list.verticalScrollPosition;

We can add that code at the point when we are leaving the screen. Perhaps when selecting an item from the list component.

Then, in our screen class, we can simply add a new property of the same name:

public var savedVerticalScrollPosition:Number = 0;

Finally, we can pass that property to the list when we initialize the screen:

override protected function initialize():void
    this._list.verticalScrollPosition = this._savedVerticalScrollPosition;