How to dispatch a long press event from a custom item renderer (Starling version)

A custom item renderer may optionally dispatch FeathersEventType.LONG_PRESS, similar to a Button.

Using the LongPress class, it's easy to dispatch FeathersEventType.LONG_PRESS:

public class CustomItemRenderer extends LayoutGroupListItemRenderer
    public function CustomItemRenderer()
        this._longPress = new LongPress(this);

    private var _longPress:LongPress;

That's it! The TouchEvent.TOUCH listeners will be added automatically, and your item renderer will dispatch FeathersEventType.LONG_PRESS like a button.

Combined with Event.TRIGGERED or Event.CHANGE

If you plan to combine, LongPress with TapToTrigger or TapToSelect, you should ensure that the other two events aren't dispatched after a long press.

First, always create the LongPress instance before the TapToTrigger and TapToSelect instances. This ensures that the TouchEvent.TOUCH listener in LongPress gets a higher priority.

this._longPress = new LongPress(this);
this._trigger = new TapToTrigger(this);
this._select = new TapToSelect(this);

Then, pass the TapToTrigger and TapToSelect instances to the LongPress so that it can disable them temporarily after a long press.

this._longPress.tapToTrigger = this._trigger;
this._longPress.tapToSelect = this._select;