How to change font styles in a DateTimeSpinner component (Starling version)

A DateTimeSpinner component contains two or more SpinnerList sub-components, and each of those contains a number of item renderers that display some text. Let's look at how to change the font styles in the item renderers outside of the theme.

The item renderer font styles

We can customize the item renderers inside the date time spinner's itemRendererFactory. As long as we aren't setting any advanced font styles on the item renderer's text renderer (and the theme isn't either), we can pass a starling.text.TextFormat directly to the item renderer's fontStyles property.

var spinner:DateTimeSpinner = new DateTimeSpinner();
spinner.itemRendererFactory = function():IListItemRenderer
	var itemRenderer:DefaultListItemRenderer = new DefaultListItemRenderer();
	itemRenderer.fontStyles = new TextFormat( "Arial", 20, 0x3c3c3c );
	return itemRenderer;

If we wanted to change the item renderer's font styles inside the theme, we could set the customItemRendererStyleName property on the DateTimeSpinner and extend the theme.