Josh Tynjala, creator of Feathers UI, joins OpenFL leadership team

Recently, Joshua Granick, long-time leader of the OpenFL project, asked Josh Tynjala of Feathers UI and Chris Speciale of Dimensionscape to join him in forming a new OpenFL Board of Directors. OpenFL is a critical dependency of Feathers UI, and Josh Tynjala has been contributing code to the open source project for a couple of years now. In this expanded role, Josh is excited to collaborate more with his fellow board members, and other active OpenFL contributors, in a number of ways:

  • Create more frequent OpenFL and Lime releases.
  • Increase automated testing, for more coverage across a larger set of target platforms.
  • Engage more with the OpenFL developer community. In particular:
    • Provide faster feedback on issues and pull requests.
    • Invite new committers that have a track record of high quality pull requests.
  • Expand documentation — especially for beginners who don't have a history of working with Adobe Flash.

There's a lot to look forward to in the future for both OpenFL and Feathers UI. Stay tuned in the coming months for some big releases… and maybe a few surprises.

For more details, please see official OpenFL announcement titled Administrative Organization Changes, posted by Chris Speciale on the OpenFL community forum.