Feathers Examples

Check out live examples of Feathers in your browser. Source code for each example below is included when you download Feathers.

Components Explorer

See all of the UI controls provided with Feathers.

View the Components Explorer example


A simple app to manage to-dos.

View the Todos example

YouTube Feeds

Displays YouTube data API feeds in a simple Feathers application.

View the YouTube Feeds example

Train Times

A Feathers application with a fully custom skin and custom item renderers.

View the Train Times example

Hello World

The example used to introduce Feathers in the Getting Started documentation.

View the Hello World example

Layout Explorer

Demonstrates each of the layouts available to List and ScrollContainer with configurable properties.

View the Layout Explorer example


A simple image gallery app with a horizontal List control and a custom item renderer that loads an image from a URL.

View the Gallery example

Tile List

An example that configures the List control with a TiledRowsLayout and customizes the appearance of the item renderers.

View the Tile List example

Drawers Explorer

Demos the Drawers container for mobile-style slide out lists.

View the Drawers Explorer example

Drag and Drop

A simple example of using the Feathers DragDropManager.

View the Drag and Drop example

Display Object Explorer

Feathers includes a number of custom Starling display objects, including scale 9, scale 3, and tiled images.

View the Display Object Explorer example

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