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Open source user interface components for Starling Framework

Build mobile & desktop games + apps with fully-skinnable UI controls

Feathers puts it all together in one package — blazing fast GPU powered graphics, an impressive number of skinning options, and an extensible component architecture... to create a smooth and responsive experience.

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Cross Platform

Build stunning, hardware-accelerated user interfaces for iPhone and iPad, Android devices including Kindle Fire and Nook tablets, Windows desktop, and Mac OS X. Combine Feathers, Starling Framework, and Adobe gaming technologies to build completely standalone native apps — no runtime to install!

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Fully Skinnable

Games typically require a unique visual style to match the story and setting. Users expect a familiar user experience on each platform. Feathers offers many skinning options on every component, and behavior may be customized to support both mobile and desktop apps.

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Screenshot of Feathers

Embraced by Adobe, Powered by Community

Similar to Starling Framework, the development of Feathers is supported by Adobe, with plans to tightly integrate both libraries into Adobe's design and development tools. Get the best of both worlds: corporate committment and a vivid community that is praised for its friendliness.

Feathers and Starling in the Adobe Gaming SDK

Extensive Documentation

Read through dozens of articles and tutorials in the Feathers Help files about components, skinning, and more from beginner-level to experts. As you're writing code, browse the Feathers API reference — filled with detailed explanations of methods and properties with inline example code.

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Free & Open Source

Feathers is available under the terms of the Simplified BSD License. Feel free to use Feathers in both commercial and open source projects. Extending and debugging couldn't be easier because you can read and modify the Feathers and Starling source code yourself.

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"Feathers just works, and the way it works is just beautiful. Totally love it! Josh made the architecture so clean and clear."

"Starling and Feathers saved me a lot of time and pain in the development process. The app runs very smoothly on all platforms."

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Have any Questions?

Beginners and seasoned experts are welcome in the Feathers forum. Let the knowledgeable community be your guide. Josh Tynjala, the creator of Feathers, visits frequently to lend his expertise.

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Like what you see? Download Feathers and give it a try. Get the SWC, full source code, example applications, themes, and the full API documentation in a single package.

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